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Welcome to my feed!

A place to discuss all things fitness including: fitness journeys, facts, myths, and topics through my personal lens.

Hello 🙂

My name is Tashay Woods and I’m a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, and current Exercise Science student at CSUF. I struggled with body image, weight management, fitness/health misinformation, and general self-management and discipline for the entirety of my adult life… until I went back to college.

Like for real this time.

I decided I wanted to take my fitness passion seriously and re-applied to CSUF’s Exercise Science program and was admitted. I quit a dance teaching job that stripped me of my sanity, time and resources (another story in itself) and found a pretty cool job at a local kickboxing facility. This in combination with my CSUF fitness classes grew my passion for health and fitness to an extreme I’d never known before.

Now I’d like to share the things I’ve learned and continue to learn with whomever is willing to read it. So welcome to my website! A place where I can freely discuss the things I’m so very passionate about and enjoy! Thanks for reading. – Tashay 🙂