Why Boxing Is THE BEST Cardio Exercise 

If I’m being genuine, the title of this post is most-definitely clickbait. The true best form of cardio is the one you can chronically stick with in order to reach your health and fitness goals. Research can suggest that bobsledding is the best form of aerobic exercise but you’d never catch me doing it simply because it’s just not my thing. I do, however, enjoy the loud pop from a perfectly executed punch and would love to explain to you why I feel that boxing (at least for me) is the best form of cardio exercise. 

I only started boxing approximately 2.5 years ago after (yes, after) being hired at a kickboxing gym. I had no prior experience to suggest I’d be a great kickboxing instructor, however the job included both kickboxing and fitness and I did (and still do) have my personal training certification. You could say I was partially qualified for the job, needed a job after quiting my previous job, and was also mildly interested in kickboxing when I first got hired at the facility. After lots of training and practice, I discovered I had a love for kickboxing and holding pads for other people. I love to punch and I love teaching others how to punch, and the experiences I gained working at this job definitely helped change the trajectory of my life in a good way. This leads me to my first reason for boxing being the best cardio exercise:


Women especially tend to gain an increased sense of empowerment in their bodies once starting boxing training. In boxing you learn self defense techniques that actually can be used in the real world, if necessary. Blocking punches, learning footwork, and learning how to throw a knockout punch is very useful in a world that is unfortunately set up to be particularly hazardous for women. I always joke that my kickboxing training has set me up to use my long legs as my first line of defense if I’m ever in need of defending myself. A hard teep to the gut (or nuts) is sure to protect you if you ever find yourself in a dangerous encounter. 


Boxing and kickboxing are very high intensity workouts. The oxygen consumption requirements for an intense boxing or kickboxing session will definitely reach upwards of 75-95% maximal oxygen consumption depending on how intense that session is. Boxing is a full body workout incorporating not only the upper body and torso, but also the legs in order to efficiently and effectively transfer power onto the opponent, bag, or mitts. It requires a lot of effort to move your body quickly and powerfully at the same time. If you’re someone who gauges an intense workout by sweat profusion or caloric burn then boxing is definitely the right cardio for you.


The last point to be made about why boxing is the best cardio exercise is that it’s just really f-ing fun. Anyone who’s done boxing both professionally and recreationally can admit that during and after a good boxing session you feel a major rush of endorphins and euphoria. Despite the pain you may feel while your lungs and heart seem as though they’re going to burst mid-session, you’ll still find the exercise to be fun and a great challenge to overcome. The sense of accomplishment after a boxing session is unmatched to any other form of exercise to date (in my humble opinion). 

If you’re located in the Central Valley area in CA, particularly Selma, I invite you to come out to Boxing Bootcamp on Friday evenings at 5:30-6:30 PM. I just started hosting this bootcamp that features bag work, mitt work, and some general cardiorespiratory conditioning. Drop ins are $15 located at Manzo Fitness (1915 High St Selma, CA). Anyone and any level welcome. 🤗

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog. I appreciate you! ❤️

Located in Fresno & interested in personal training? 

Website: coachtashay.com | DM me on Instagram

Email: tashaywoods@mail.fresnostate.edu


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