So after all of this time, we are still here.

This post is not informative, nor will it give you any workout ideas or eating tricks to stay slim during the “Quarantine 15” or “Quarantine Productivity” contest. We’re experiencing an unprecedented pandemic and I understand how this may devastatingly affect some people more than others. Now that at least a full month has passed, however, I believe it is time to truly evaluate how we want to exit this quarantine season. An emphasis is put upon the word ‘season’ because this time is certainly only a season regardless of whether or not it is a long and arduous season, or a brief, passing moment in our lives.

We all have this time now to face our greatest insecurities, faults, idiosyncrasies, and so on. We also have this time now to reflect on our greatest accomplishments, triumphs, and desires. The nefarious beauty is in the fact that we get to choose for ourselves what to focus on during this time. You may think that you are not “choosing” anything, but inaction is action in its own right. It’s the choice to ignore everything that pulls you in the direction of growth, change, and transformation, which ultimately leads to destruction. 

This post is not to give any advice on what to do during quarantine, nor is it about what to do following quarantine. This is simply a thought-provoking prompt to encourage you to figure out what you want to have gained from this quarantine after it is over.

The fact of the matter is you already know what you need to do. There are no examples to be made of as everyone is unconstrained in their ability to work on their own personal narrative of success. I strongly encourage you to use what’s left of this time to re-associate with your true self. This time is a theoretical reset, a rebirth, so to speak, that can re-familiarize ourselves with what is paramount in life — and this paramount is different for everyone. So again, I strongly encourage you to use this dwindling time wisely so you can look back in confidence at what you’ve gained from it. Treat this time as a theoretical rebirth and come out of it more refreshed, rejuvenated, and refocused than before.

You are your greatest asset!

Coach T


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